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Angela Philp

Wild Spirit Leadership Adventure

“Every noble action starts with strengthening the spirit – whether your aspirations are personal or global”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, 
Women who run with the wolves.

It’s time to finally step out of your cage and say to yourself, your people and to the world, “Here I am. I am taking over now.”

Glennon Doyle, Untamed.

Wild Spirit Leadership Club is a 6 month adventure with a powerful, nourishing sisterhood.A sisterhood of women who want to reconnect deeply with their power, redefine what it is to get results - with grace and kindness, and thrive in their leadership - at home, in their communities and in their organisations.This is a space of extraordinary energy where women game changers (both confirmed and reluctant) nourish their courage and cultivate their creativity alongside other fun, inspiring, incorrigible women.Wild Spirit Club is a leadership adventure. An adventure of you - as you cultivate integrity, creativity, authenticity, excellence, and JOY in the name of making a bigger and more profound impact for the planet and humanity. And for yourself. Because you count.

This is a club for you if:

or aspire to lead, from a fierce and unwavering love for humanity and the Earth we inhabit. (But find yourself disillusioned by the generally mediocre leadership you’re surrounded by and wonder if you shouldn’t just give up. DON’T!)

that are both personal AND global. So big they almost feel impossible, and you could make it ok to settle for less. Not here you can’t! We specialise in creating the impossible. Join us! 

in your leadership and in your relationships, regardless of how many networks, groups and clubs you are member. This is a club like no other…

and somehow still find yourself curbing your edge and softening your voice  despite your reputation for being outspoken, devoted and kickass. We cultivate your voice!

joy and freedom, and want to cultivate your connection to the deeper life force within you. But you  believe that means trading in your stimulating professional life for the simple life in a yurt. You can have both. Bare foot, wind in your hair and champagne. You don’t have to choose.
Join us and expand your world.

You want to be challenged AND supported in speaking deeper truths, then acting on them.

You want to be inspired by the people around you.

You aspire to lead with grace, curiosity, integrity, power and love – and you could do with charging up your energy levels with women on a similar mission.

Wild Spirit Leadership club provides a space for just that:

Reconnection with your powerful, untamable, deep, wild nature. This is an essential pillar of the Wild Spirit Leadership Club and essential to the leadership the world needs.  We must develop all of who we are and serve the world from there. Inspiration, enthusiasm and encouragement of other women leaders, driven by an ‘impossibility’ to accomplish in this lifetime that runs in their veins. Even if some are still formulating their next step.

Celebrating your successes AND your failures in a safe space.

If you can’t embrace your failures as much as your successes, you’re only living a half life.  Here is where you get to be whole and celebrated for that. Wild Spirit Leadership Adventure is where you play and experiment, and are cheered on for your courage. Our agreement is that you be REAL!

If you’re well known for getting results but wish for more rest, kindness and care… here we concentrate on your being more than your doing. It’s who you’re being that makes the difference.

If you can’t help but challenge existing structures and you wonder sometimes where you belong … you belong with us!

If you’ve been trying to make a big impact on your own but you’re not making headway… we are your team! Because we know that if you can do it on your own you’re not dreaming big enough! 

If you reckon it’s finally time to make an exponential rise rather than one more incremental move… here is the place to stop playing small!

If society would say you’re a success, but you feel like something’s still missing…

It’s probably this!

The Wild Spirit Leadership Adventure! Your sisterhood of atypical, incorrigible and crazy women game changers like you! All on a 6 month coaching mastermind adventure to deepen their sense of self, strengthen their leadership, cultivate their power and reinvent possible on the way!

Join us! We start February 2024
In practical terms, this is what’s you can expect:
– Twice monthly online group masterminding sessions (2hrs each)
– 5 one to one coaching sessions
– Plus a  weekend intensive Wild Spirit experience in a beautiful European location Dates TBC

And an ongoing private community to continue the connection and support between sessions!

Plus, spontaneous gifts and surprises… that wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you what they were, would they?! What fun is an adventure without surprises?  

Investment 6500 euros not including VAT

Click here so we can talk about whether our Wild Spirit Leadership Adventure is a fit for you!

So… What exactly will we cover?

Over the six months together we will:

Explore how you show up as leader, looking at who you BE. We dive into the essence of who you are and ask the deeper questions of ourselves that we rarely, if ever, take the time to explore.

Listen more deeply to yourself and imagine a new vision for your future, anchored in power and presence.

Nuture your self care and self love practices so you lead from deep wholeness and power. Self love sound unfamiliar (and a bit namby pamby) to you – you wouldn’t know where to start? Start here!!

Refine and integrate the pillars of leadership that will have you expanding your game and taking some outrageously improbable steps in record time: Integrity, Curiosity, Authenticity, Commitment, Contribution, Creativity and JOY in the name of changing the game!

Celebrate your milestones, your wins, your progress! Celebrate YOU!

Create a more powerful, energising & nourishing relationship with yourself, and transform your impact in the process.

Laugh and cry… A LOT!

Being part of the Wild Spirit Leadership Club has been invaluable in supporting a change I have been wanting to make for the last 5 years, to move to Ireland and work as a Director in offshore wind. The simple act of writing down my commitment and the power of conversations with Angela and the other women in the group gave me the courage to move forward with my commitment and create the future I want – now, when I didn’t think it was possible. I now live from the future I create rather than being defined by the status quo.  The results: I am no longer afraid to be open and honest about who I am and what I really want, which has led to amazing outcomes. I finally moved to Ireland in June with my family to start my new, dream job as Director in offshore wind and the feedback from colleagues and others is that they can see the amazing opportunity ahead of me and that I have inspired them to live their own commitments. ”

Vanessa O’Connell,  Head of Inis Offshore Wind, Ireland

If you think you would LOVE to transform your opportunities and step into your leadership power, you belong in the on this adventure! Join us! Have questions? I enjoy connection and despite my wild spirit, I promise I don’t bite!  Click here to schedule a private conversation and find out more. 
Wild Spirit – We so look forward to welcoming you.


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