Angela Philp

Private one to one coaching

Reinventing possible in your life is all about creating the future that you most want in your leadership and in your life – not getting rid of, making wrong, fixing, skirting around or improving what you already have. You’ll have to banish these words from your vocabulary.

When we work together – creating is the only word you’ll use.

The person in the center of all possibility is

One to one coaching is where this process is completely for you, about you and the life you want to create, and lead powerfully, joyfully and vitally.
The only blueprint is you.

And this is what might happen…

You might be a translator, dreaming of a bigger mission contributing world peace and international negotiations, and end up several months later interpreting regularly for the United Nations and the head of the IMF

You might start coaching wanting to simply anchor your credibility so you feel better about taking on your next challenge – and end up taking a senior executive position two levels higher than the one you had been pegged for.

You might be having a challenge merging two departments in your current executive role, then wind up organizing your intervention at the next Davos Summit.

We work together one to one, so that what you want – and more than you could have imagined – becomes a reality faster than you would have been able to do it alone.

Coaching is not remedial. It is excellence. It is magic. There is ‘no one size fits all’ approach or model. You, are the approach. And as such, one to one coaching is entirely designed around you, how the world occurs for you, and the shifts you need to make to transform and create your world differently.

Your whole world view can change exponentially within one conversation.

This is where you begin to live and lead every day of your life, from a place of vitality and power.

Remember, the future doesn’t actually exist yet. It’s a place to come from, not a place to get to. And YOU create it by imagining it, speaking it and living into it every day in bolder steps. Your future becomes your new reality – as you transform.

This is how we can work one to one together

12 months Coaching

You might be able to have an insight in an instant, but old ways also die hard. A 12 month one to one coaching provides you with a container of trust, a dedicated weekly safe space in which to focus on who and how you are being. It is a container in which to clearly define your vision, understand how you are stopping yourself from having the results you most want, and build on the new ways of thinking and acting you need to develop to create and accomplish your impossible mission.
Conversations conducted over zoom (if you are international) or face to face in the beautiful South West France countryside if you are local.

Bespoke adventure vision quest Today

A private adventure where we take ourselves away to the Pyrenees or the Mediterranean Sea for an intense coaching experience that will give you access to a deeper version of who you are and actionable next steps for achieving what you really want.

I love being outdoors in exceptional, breathtaking surroundings. Refined beauty and untamed nature have always nourished my soul and given me a space to reconnect with myself, and allow bolder, actions to arise from a place of wilder, wiser knowing that is momentarily no longer constricted by convention and habit. Over one or two days, we conduct a vision quest where you reconnect with your Self, refine your vision and define a set of actions you wouldn’t have dared to imagine possible, to bring your vision into existence.

Investment between 1900 & 3000 euros
Small note: I respect the privacy of my clients and as such, don’t put testimonials on my website. If you are thinking of coaching and would like to find out more about what it’s like to work with me, please contact me by email and, after an interview, I will connect you with clients who have agreed to give a testimonial in person.

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