Don’t ASK whatever you do!


If you have a preposterously outrageous idea (for you) or something that your soul is tugging, nudging or screaming at you to try out, for heaven’s sake don’t ask anyone what they think about it.

Why? Because 99% of people don’t have a clue about your idea. Believe me. They don’t.

What they probably do have though is a lot more fear around the idea than you might. And what does that mean? It means they’ll drown those dreams of yours in a deep, grey sea of fear and doubt.

And BAM! That fragile, delicate outrageous idea of yours – the one that makes your soul vibrate with delight, vitality and optimism?

It shrivels and dies under your ‘Oh, you think so’s?’ and ‘Maybe you’re right’s’ or even, ‘I’m probably not even cut out for it anyway’s.’ And you slink away, energy low, shoulders slumped, dejected but weirdly ‘reassured’ that your place is where it should be: right with the people you asked.

Darling, don’t ask anyone who has never even thought of leaving their own village whether you should backpack through Asia then settle down for a new life in Singapore. They don’t know.

Really. They don’t.

Don’t ask anyone whether you should: climb Mount Everest, start a side gig, row across the Pacific ocean, join pole dancing classes, go vegan, for CEO of your company, (insert your dream here)’ unless…

…Unless they have already done it.
Unless they are a beacon of inspiration, strength, determination and hope.
Unless they are the very best in that exact, same field or have failed then succeeded in something similar themselves. Unless they are fully committed to living to their edge.

But still, don’t ask.

Don’t ask WHETHER you should do something.

Maybe ask…”HOW ?

If you really want advice on HOW to do something, learn from the best.

Ask those who have followed their talent to the brilliant but sometimes dark place where it leads. Ask those who have felt the sting of rejection/defeat, but had the courage to rise again and overcome.

Don’t ask your parents (unless maybe you’re under 18 – are you?), your boss, your sister in law, your hairdresser, your best friend’s dog, the boy next door, your cheese man, the local hedge trimmer…

Because THEY. DON’T. KNOW.

You do.

A deep part of you knows exactly what your life is a stand for. That deep part of you is called your soul. It has its own agenda, its own purpose. And it just KNOWS.

So darling, the only person you should ask ‘whether or not to take the next risky leap,’ is … ta daaaaaahhhhhh… yourself!

AND (again), let’s face it, you don’t need permission from anybody to do that.

What you do need is the stillness, courage, resilience and resourcefulness to try it.

That, you have within you.

How do I know?

Don’t ask! 

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Sign up here to have your dose of Wild Spirit power and energy delivered directly to your inbox.