This is what I know about you.

  • You don’t do things half-assed and you have a track record of making things happen! It’s all or nothing. You achieve, you accomplish, you get amazing results. Give you a tough challenge and you’ll take it on and exceed expectations. You accomplish in a day what many people wouldn’t achieve in a week. (Yet, somehow, you secretly feel you have never done enough.)

  • You have uncompromising integrity and incorruptibility which means you speak truth to power. This puts you in some very uncomfortable hot spots – which 400 years ago would probably have meant you burnt at the stake – but right now, often leaves you in a pretty lonely place.

  • You grasp new concepts and master them relatively quickly, but you are secretly convinced you are slow. You drive yourself relentlessly to master all the information you have and be the best, so no one finds out.

  • Inclusive, compassionate and demanding, you are driven by values of social and economic justice which means you refuse to leave anyone behind, whatever it takes. You live your beliefs, support your team/community and roll up your sleeves to tackle the ‘dirty work’ alongside them.

Which is precisely one of the main things holding you back from having greater impact.

In your quest to lead by example, you mix up ‘devotion’ with ‘availability, ‘vision and delivery.’

In trying to master everything, be everything, but mostly to DO everything, you end up disconnecting from yourself and losing contact with your essence. And with that, disappears any sense of lightness, joy and enthusiasm – and adventure – you ever had.

Be honest. You’ve lost your power, haven’t you?

You might have a powerful position, but you disconnect from your true power. And what you can’t be with, what you reject in yourself, you reject in others.

Remember when your life was a daring adventure?

  • When you were excited by possibility and so energized by your dreams that you were an unstoppable force?
  • When you were so driven by a desire to have an impact that you merged into the surge to make it happen?
  • Do you? Or is ‘wanting’ maybe something you’ve never really allowed yourself to feel under the obligation, duty and responsibility that has helped you to accomplish amazing things?

If it’s time for you to lead through who you are being rather than all you are doing.

If it’s time for you take your place and aim for what you want again, rather than conforming your desires to fit what you think you can get, what’s reasonable, what’s allowed or what’s ‘possible.’

If it’s time for you to create convention rather than follow it.

If you want to redefine power and deeply reconnect with yours.

We should talk

How this works

You’ve probably heard this many times, ‘What got you here won’t get you there – to your next success.’ As long as you try to improve at what you’re already doing, while fixing your faults, you’re destined to keep coming up against a wall. No wonder you’ve lost your oomph.

Together, we uncover the patterns and ways of being that have got you successfully this far and look at how they are what’s now holding you back. We transform the way you show up in your life so you can create your life from your deepest truth.

What would it be like to live at choice rather than through obligation and appropriateness. What would it be like to feel infused with a sense of adventure, enjoyment, enthusiasm, daring and creativity again?

I don’t work with everyone.

I work with purposeful women leaders. Women with high expectations, who excel at what they do. Women with lofty, secretly utopian dreams that they dedicate their lives to breathing life into. Women who ask hard questions and roll up their sleeves to do what’s necessary to make the world a better place.

This really won’t work if

  • You want to ‘fix’ or yourself, and as quickly as possible, so you can ‘carry on business as usual’ while feeling a bit better about yourself. I don’t work like that and, that won’t work anyway because:

1- You were perfectly designed, there is no inherent design fault in how you were made that needs to be ‘fixed’. Coaching is not remedial. It is deep, kickass, generative and the most life affirming work you’ll ever take on.

2- If you think you’re going to undo years of carefully constructed strategies and habits in a few sessions (you are perfectly designed, remember), you’re kidding yourself. Nothing significant will change in your life until you make significant shifts. In all honesty, that requires time, courage and commitment.

  • You want to ‘improve’ yourself or you want to ‘look good.’ See above.
  • You’re looking for a cheerleader to motivate you! While we’re working together, you’ll deeply reconnect with your inner motivation, and hell yeah! I’ll be the first to celebrate your wins! But I’m not your mother. And you’re a big girl. And more importantly, you’re already surrounded by those people who will motivate you.
  • You’ve got it handled and you’ve googled every definition – as well as reading self-help books for years. All you really need is a bit of advice, and a road map with a few tips and pointers and you’re on your way. If that’s the case, awesome! Go grab another book.
  • You want to feel confident before you commit. Really? That’s your definition of commitment, having all the answers so you can step into the unknown? Confidence is not a requirement, it’s a result of doing the work. True leadership requires commitment before confidence.
  • You want a slightly better version of the life you have now. That’s valid and very reasonable. But I’m not reasonable. There are hundreds of coaches who can help you perform marginally better or even lots better at the same thing and getting more of what you have already. They are highly qualified, great people. Call them!
  • You’ll finally have time for this once the planets have aligned, when you have all your ducks in a row, or when you have less demands on your time. When was that last time that happened? Right.

This is what I require of you.

Deep commitment to your growth. To the truth. To what you really want – not to what seems possible, reasonable or allowable. To something greater than you. To a deeper, more authentically powerful way of showing up in the world.

A sense of humour. A capacity to let yourself be surprised.

You are no stranger to commitment, you set a high bar for yourself and everyone else.

You will no longer settle for ‘leadership’ as it has been defined and modeled over the last couple of millennia, and you have – or deeply aspire to have – a part in creating a whole new definition of leadership and way of leading for the world. Starting with your own country, your own organisation, your own community, your own life.

Working with me is not for the faint of heart. It requires equal measures of courage and self-compassion, trust, curiosity and endurance, to stay in the conversation when it gets tough. I work with women who expect and want more, and who are truly prepared to do the deep work necessary to redefine possible and create what’s been unattainable – till now.

We work one to one together for a minimum of 6 months and your financial commitment is between 9600 and 25 000 euros (including 20% VAT)

Group program investment starts at 2400 euros including VAT. 

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